TikTok fare dodger: Boastful evader caught and fined

  • Fare evader who made TikTok videos boasting about not buying ticket has been caught and fined 
  • Fraudulent traveller prosecuted under the Regulation of Railways Act and fined £773 
  • She now has a criminal record 

A fare evader who shared tips on TikTok on how to avoid paying for train journeys has been caught and fined. 

The fraudulent traveller shared numerous videos on her social media account boasting about how she avoided paying and urged her followers to do the same. 

A collaborative investigation between EMR and the British Transport Police lead to the successful prosecution of the fare evader under Regulation of Railways Act, with her receiving £773 fine and a criminal record.

Another consistent fare evader was also recently caught by the staff at EMR. The team at Derby station's gate line alerted its Fraud and Prosecutions team to a person who claimed to be crossing over to the Pride Park entrance but instead boarded a service.

A thorough investigation into the customer's travel history was carried out, utilising CCTV and other surveillance techniques. This investigation resulted in the person being stopped by the British Transport Police and the recovery of £5,500 in unpaid fares.

Dave Meredith, Customer Services Director at East Midlands Railway, said: "The vast majority of our customers always buy a ticket, and they understand that for the railway to successfully operate, improve, and secure investment, fares need to be paid for.

"However, there are some people who try and work the system and look for different ways to evade paying.

"Our revenue protection, fraud and security teams work both in uniform and plain clothes in order to monitor and catch fare evaders, whether they are travelling without a ticket, have a ticket for part of their journey or fraudulently travelling on a child's ticket.

"The impact of fare evasion is felt by our law-abiding fare paying customers and ultimately the taxpayer. It's indefensible for certain individuals to believe they're exempt from paying for our services, and as these cases show, our teams are across our network looking for people who think its ok to break the law." 

PC Lisa Scott-Savage, Investigating Officer for the British Transport Police, said: “We’re extremely pleased with the result in this case, which highlights the price of evading fares - hefty fines and a criminal record.

“It is the legitimate fare paying passengers who end up bearing the brunt of the cost of the dishonest people who think they can get away without paying.”

Customers should buy their ticket from the ticket office, a ticket machine, or online. If they are using pay as you go or a smartcard ticket, they should ensure they touch in to start their journey as required.

If the ticket office is closed, customers will be able to buy at a ticket machine or online before they board a train.

Customers who travel on East Midlands Railway (EMR) without a valid ticket can be fined £100 on top of the price of a single ticket.

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Notes to editors

Customers who travel on East Midlands Railway (EMR) without a valid ticket can be fined £100 fine on top of the price of a single ticket.

If paid before 21 days the fine is reduced to £50, plus the price of the full applicable single fare.

A Penalty Fare may be charged if the customer:

  • Travels without a valid ticket
  • Is unable to produce the appropriate Railcard
  • Travels in First Class accommodation with a Standard ticket
  • Are 16 or over travelling on a child rate ticket
  • Travels beyond the destination of the ticket

There is a process in place for customers to appeal a Penalty Fare which includes an independent panel to ensure fairness and appropriate use of the legislation.

More information concerning East Midlands Railway's fare policies can be found on its website here: https://www.eastmidlandsrailway.co.uk/help-manage/about-us/policies/penalty-fares